The water Genasi has skin the colour of seafoam and hair the colour of teal. Her eyes are over-large black and indigo. As with all of her kind, Vex’s hair floats and rises behind her as if she were underwater. Her skin glistens as if she just stepped out of the ocean.

The Umberlant priestess wears a green bodysuit, over-top of which she is clad in opalescent scale armour of sea shell. She bears the sigil of the Bitch Queen Umberlee on a headband that keeps her hair out of her face, as well as on the shield she bears. Vex brandishes a trident, which often crackles with electricity at the prongs to shed light in the darkness.


Little is known of the Genasi. Their numbers are few and, in the case of the water Genasi, generally they live their lives beneath the waves. As such, few people encounter Vex’ kind and she has encountered few outside of the Bitch Queen’s realm.

One day, Vex rose from beneath the sea and stepped ashore the realms of surface dwellers. She is emboldened with purpose: find Lord Kevyn.

Her search has led her to the misty realm of Barovia, where she has made her first acquaintances in Marzanna, Nicolae Malkassian, and Vitor.

Vex has established herself as the stalwart protector of the group, taking defensive postures and bolstering the efforts of her comrades with blessing of the Queen of the Depths. She has demonstrated maternal instincts and forced the party to come to the aid of children in need, evidently to their detriment.


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